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When not in use, this item also looks fantastic as a designed decor in the home.

This item can be used as a wax melt burner and oil burner.

Please ensure you don't overfill your burner. It is advisable to consider the size and depth of the bowl when adding wax to ensure it will not overrun the edges when melted.

Once the wax is spent, wait until the wax cools and then gently place pressure on one end of the wax until it pops out. You could also use cotton balls/pads to soak up melted/molton wax and then dispose accordingly. Do not use wipes and/or cleaning chemicals/products to clean the burner. Do not use metal or sharp objects to clean out wax as this may crack or damage the burner or cause injury.

Wax and oil warmer SEA SHELL

18,99 €Price